Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 24 - My 4 Letter Word

Today I returned to work and I wanted to tell you what this 23 days off meant to me... so watch below and see!

And no, I don't know why I put my face so close to the camera...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 23 - D-1... Preparing for the Return

So, tomorrow is the big day... back to work! I've used my last day to finish up a ton of things I wanted to get done before going back to work. I was up at 7am to use my new toy on the lawn. The lawn was very thick and long... from procrastination and trying to keep the soils moist in 106 temps. So, 2.5 hours later... my lawn is pristine, I edged and used the hedge clippers... all electric items. Back to being the envy of the neighborhood again!
Like a beacon of environmental glory... the light shines down... 

Look at that grass... it was high and thick!
Inside the house I had to finish up Operation Organize... started many days ago and not finished. Today, its done and ready for use as a brightly lit, inviting office:
All the clutter is gone... 

Plants make everything better!

I have a dining table... its been covered with dust, plants and who knows what for months and months. Today... it got cleaned and cleared for good!

That bedskirt you doubted I could replace by myself... done!

House has been vacuumed, bed made with the new sheets, laundry done...I marinated a bunch of chicken breasts and two pork chops in a basil, EVOO, lemon juice marinade. Then I pushed out a healthy serving of spicy basil pesto... after all, the little processor was already dirty.

Chops were tasty, but overnight marinade is probably better. The man came by and we made some chops, and potatoes with some peppers for dinner. We even got to use the freshly cleaned dinner table! WOW... how civilized.

Tomorrow I'll post a video about the vacation, what I learned and how it feels to be back at work.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 22 - A Crash, A Mower n Some Pho

Started the day nice and early with my bo arriving around 6:25 am for a ride around the lake. Tricky ride today because major running groups seem to take over the lake EVERY DAMN SATURDAY morning... really? You have people all over the damn place. Behind you, coming at you, left of you, right of you, popping out of blind areas... it's literally ridiculous. Hitting the end of our second lap, he's ready to pull the plug and then... down he goes. He took his usual shortcut and it handed him his ass, legs, bike, back... you get the point. Back to my place for disinfection... then he was off.

I went for some old fashioned breakfast, then spent an HOUR... yes an HOUR calling every store I could think of for an electric mower. I've been trying to find one under $200 in stock nearby and my lawn is way out of control... here it is!

It's in the box and waiting for early morning hours tomorrow to get to work. Damn it's hot outside...
Check out this huge box in my little car :) Didn't think you could fit a lawn mower in the back of your Fiat... think again!

Then, off to Dalat again. Today I got to try beef "Pho"... it was really Ramen cause of the egg noodles. I ended up spending like 4 hours there talking to the owner about political items of the day, sipping wine and eating more... OMG I'm so stuffed and really need to ride my bike tomorrow! I need to burn these staycation calories before returning to work Monday. LOL

Bike miles to date: 280... I would have put in more today, except the crash... tomorrow, I'll be at it again early and try to get some miles in before running home to mow with my new toy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Days 20/21 - Maxin my Relaxin

Two casual days this Thursday and Friday... and I know you're looking for excitement, but I'm being a bit stifled by the heat these last few days. The Arboretum took it out of me walking 57 acres after noon on a sunny day... made yesterday almost impossible. 

I had to drag myself out on the bike for a short ride... a terrible 13 miles bringing me to a total of 260 for this vacation. Abysmal compared to the 500 I planned.

After the ride I went to get myself a pedicure... my toes need much love with the riding because I've had bruised big toes last couple of months.

After a nice pedicure I met up with my handsome man for a little snuggle time...

Today I didn't ride because I thought I was going for a night ride... which didn't happen. So, when I skipped that I looked at my lawn and thought... ok, time to shop for that electric lawn mower again. I've actually tried multiple times to pick up the right mower. I call pawn shops and they will have sold one the day before... I call all of the main stores and they are out of stock. Websites tell you they have something... nope, sorry... website lied. I spent hours calling various places and no luck... again. 

So... I showered up, disappointed with a serious hunger for Pho. I knew I had to have some from Dalat again... 

their Pho is ridiculous... While I was there they had me taste test some yummy stuff and I had myself a glass (or two) of Pinot Grigio... I left so stuffed!

I left there to meet a masseuse for a 2 hour Thai massage. I enjoyed that, came home and splashed down on the couch for some slothing...

Tomorrow I'm gonna have to ride very early to get some miles in... projected 106 tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 19 - Dallas Arboretum with Chihuly

While my co-workers are apparently counting down the days to my return (cause I'm so cool)... I'm still counting up and having a bad ass time! Today I went to the Dallas Arboretum where the Chihuly Exhibit is currently housed. I would love to see this exhibit at night, but have been unable to get any tickets :(

It was a bright sunny day... so I tried to get the best angle I could... while dealing with people and kids etc... Also, if you enjoy this page, you may want to check out Day 14 Fort Worth Botanical Gardens too!

First up, Chihuly Glass pieces:


Next up, "The Usual" for a sculpted establishment like this...

Look how stunning the color of the trail gardens are...

And they have container trails too

Amazing walkway...

The biggest lilly pad you ever done saw...

No, I did not make it this color... it took my breath away:

They have this little Texas Town replication... it's pretty cool.

Education info in the mini town:

Last up were some representations of artists work...

Picasso was craziest...

Some Random Art:

So, that about sums it up... and my feet were aching when I finished the 57 acres. It was pretty hot today too. I live close enough to walk there, but the walk home was really hot and seemed extra long. $15 entry, this place is exceptionally manicured... when I compare it to the day at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens... I much prefer Fort Worth. Why? 1) its free 2) its over 100 acres and 3) while its not as professionally manicured as this place... I kinda like that random, less overdone feel of nature. 4) Japanese Gardens 5) lots more shade... 

But, I wanted to go, wanted to compare... check that box! I hope you enjoyed these photos... if you did, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks :)