Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 1 - Saturday

Yesterday I was like this:
And today I was up early to ride, computer shows:
But it was more like 40 if you could the ride to my breakfast taco and coffee :)
I ride a really nice Cervelo RS

I've been keeping an eye on the trail around White Rock Lake, but... this is still where we are:
"Trail Closed" So, who knows how long it will take to put in a small piece of concrete... 
In the meantime I use the north side of the trail for multiple trips (14 miles one trip) to get the extra miles in and avoid the crowds at WRL. 

Apparently I was overtaken by an emergency nap... and when I woke up had a mad craving for
SO.... I had some beer... and some more and a magnificent burger... at Goodfriends Beer Garden
Now its almost 9pm and it's time to close out this relaxing day... with dreams of my day off from riding tomorrow. I'll sleep in, wake, have coffee and I think tomorrow... I'll take my dog to some dog parks! 
I will be taking Sunday and Friday off each week from riding... we will see how that works out with the rest of the plans!