Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Blog That Never Was HHH 2013

I had all the best intentions to write a blog about my second trip to Hotter'n Hell in 2013. However, the blog ended up the same way the trip did. Remember that song, "It's never as good as the first time" by Sade? Well... that's how I felt the second time around. I did the usual post registration shopping and didn't really find anything I needed, except claustrophobia! I guess I didn't actually need that did I?

Wait, I lied... I did find one thing that matched my bike that I had to have...

This year I had a treat for myself... some massage and a chiropractic adjustment!

Then back to my host families house for dinner.

I went in the am as usual and found myself completely unexcited this year... the crowd was all there:

I was meeting new people and getting ready... putting on the smile for pics and trying to do my Jersey proud, but my heart wasn't in it.

I met some cool folks and rode with them for many miles.

Here I am with my buddy Chris, we rode together for 64 miles of the 100. A fellow former Marine we had some great laughs along the way, one booboo and 3 chain drops for me and one flat for him! 

That's what happens when the bike flips into your leg.... at the 30 mile stop with some chain drops, thanks to the guy who fixed it from Bike Mart.

Chris and I split up at the 64 because I didn't want to slow him down anymore... you can see from this photo just how dazed I was at the end of the day and it actually illustrates how little enthusiasm I felt like I had.

2013 was a great year for the route, weather and roads... my complaints were related to 2 issues, to many newbys dropping trash on the route and a complete lack of SAG this year. There was no one running the roads like 2012 to pick up people dropping... people waited more than 2 hours for a ride from the 70 mile point. There were a couple of serious injuries this year, I managed to avoid them all and the million and one water bottles dropped on the route. Bottles, moist towels, banana peels, etc all dumped on the damn road by complete amateurs.

I felt very unprepared for the miles this year and I have no solid excuse for that. I knew what I was getting myself into and didn't have all that magic anticipation... I'll go back next year, but I think I'll skip the 100 miles for the 100k. I want to go for the experience and fun... to enjoy it all without being completely toasted and the major event being over.

It took me all of this time to write this blog because I just didn't feel into it.... just like the ride. I can't complain however since I ran into someone not many miles from me who rode with me for 64 miles... we'll do some more riding events together next season and that will be awesome. You never know who you will run into, where they will be from, that's one of the best parts if you go alone.

I'll go back in 2014, but this time it will be more about the event and party then the road itself... wish me luck!