Saturday, February 16, 2013

That First Lap was a B!tch

It's February 16th and the feels like temp is SHIT... the temp says 48, but we have a wind out of the north bringing an ice cold chill. I pedaled down to the bike shop and felt that my normal winter long sleeve wasn't going to cut it. The guys at the shop were like "what, you don't have a base layer?"... um, no... and you all should know since you sell me every damn thing I buy? It was funny to me anyway...

So, long sleeve transfer base layer... check. Off I go with everything I need to stay warm... except that ice cold wind cut my lungs like blades. I mean it burned... I suppose if I lived in Maine this would be nuttin... and I'd be smart enough to have some kind of mouth cover. I pulled my 10 mile lap and was done for the day. I wasn't "cold"... but my lungs were burning from ice cold air and my nose was running like a faucet.

Now I know you fellas have this snot thing down... or so I thought cause my friend at the shop talked about finishing his rides and being covered in it? Really? ewwww I carry paper towels for this and usually have to blow about twice a ride no matter what the weather. So its never an issue... but on a day like today I was all over the road trying to keep a dry face. ugh

Meanwhile I could tell I hadn't been on the bike in a couple of months! Not only do I look like a marsh mellow in my bike gear (good lord)... but my muscles were like WTF are you doing? All that huffin and a puffin actually felt good... I found myself thinking ahhh, now I remember why I liked this.

Best part is that tomorrow it will be 70 degrees... and 72 on Monday. I have off till Thursday and will be riding each day... but the next two days I'll be putting in as many miles and my legs will take me. Without that ice cold wind I should be able to stay out for hours and remind my body what it was like! I'm not going to take next winter off, that's for sure!