Saturday, November 10, 2012

Screw Lance, Lets Ride

Look, I understand that this whole doping issue and Lance being a big fat ass liar is a big deal. But like election coverage... I'd like to get back to the good side of things. I am still new to the "sport" of riding and I am still discovering how amazing it is. For those of us that are "normal" folks... I know a few things are true:

1) Were healthier because we ride
2) It feels good to have a real hobby that's positive (sorry Greygoose)
3) We are still learning about our bikes, ourselves and all of the how to's
4) We dream of being better at it then we are now
5) Our faces light up when we hit the bike store in search of a new accessory
and 6) Lance and his merry gang of cheaters are not going to take the joy out of my riding.

Screw you Lance, you arrogant lying bastard... for tearing down the sport with your lies and worse... risking your singular testicles health by pumping garbage into your body. How dare someone not treasure the gift they were given? Screw you for crushing all of the hopes and dreams of those who idolized you. Screw you for breaking the hearts of cancer patients everywhere that looked up to your sorry ass. Now that your scandal ridden ass has been ousted with the truth... I'd like to move the hell on.

I did not think of Lance as a god, like some of you may have.... and for you, my condolences to the loss of innocence... but for the rest of us, I say Screw Lance, Let Ride.

Riding a bike, any bike has so much to offer us all. Weight loss, saving gas and money, enjoying the outdoors and the wind in your face, and the personal triumph of making goals you set for yourself. While I have hopes of entering a low level race and intend to do the 100 miles again at HHH next year... I have no illusions that I'm going to be in the leagues of Tour D'France'rs anytime soon... and you know what? Thats ok with me and it needs to be ok with you. Let the headlines fade, the fuss will pass and the sport will move on... but for the rest of us, its important that we ignore all the bullshit and ride. Never will there come a day in my life when I let someone else's lies and failures take away something I have pride and joy in.... I will ride, I will improve, I will love it and no one, especially Lance Not so strong will take that away from me.