Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Freeze Wheeling

Ok, its that time of year folks. Temps are falling and the major riding "season" is over for the road rider. Cyclocross is picking up steam and some mountain action is taking off... but us slim, trim road people don't have the same riding systems or gear.

It is important however to stay on the bike during the off season and keep your legs moving. Some people will use an indoor trainer while others (like me) will put on some warm crap and hit the road. I don't live in North Dakota though... I live in TX, so cold here is 40 degrees. Lets talk about winter gear and indoor training!

While some people just hop into cyclocross for some mud'n or snow'n fun... other's may not be that hip to buying a second bike or all that gear. You have many choices.

You can buy some winter gear for your road bike and stick to the roads per usual (when their cleared).

I have the whole kit for moderate cold riding. Long riding pants, winter long sleeve jersey, skull cap or ear blocks, toe shields and winter gloves.

Here's a great guide that I totally nabbed from the internet... duh

The gear you need will be heavily dependent on where you live and how cold it gets (obviously)... or if you want to ride outdoors at all. No one says you have to and there are plenty of indoor trainers to choose from. While you don't lose anything by training indoors, you'll get bored to tears after a while. Not to mention that you are more likely to sit to long and go numb or get saddle sore faster. When you are outside you move around on the seat, stand, stop for lights etc.

 When I was training for Hotter'n Hell, I used the indoor trainer...

and this is how I felt about it

especially after this long

It was obvious I'd rather be able to play outside and take cool pics like this

That's me eating the water tower of my friends town so I could text it to her! mmmm tasty water tower...
If you are going to brave the cold, go into the local bike shop and get the right gear... otherwise, you may want to just do the indoor thing and wait till it warms up? I'm no going to endorse any one brand, although I have Cyclops in the house... you need to do your homework on what price, brand and style is right for you. I'm ready to upgrade now because my Cyclops wind is to basic... but I'll probably get a nicer Cyclops... So many to choose from and it doesn't hurt to check craigslist, people upgrade or stop cycling or get lazy... save you some cash!

A quick search of the internet shows lots of styles... but also position in front of the tv is common... some people go anything to keep from getting bored, like this:

She's clever... and when you aren't home...

Even El Gato gets into the act...

It's important to keep up SOME level of physical activity, not only for your waistline, but to make it easier to ride again when season returns! If you're going to invest as much as I have, nothing makes you feel guiltier then thinking of thousands you spent collecting dust... Why do you think people stick the bike in the garage? They don't have to see it, don't have to feel guilty! Me? I sit mine right in the dining room, I have to look at it on my way to the kitchen where I fatten up!

Don't be a sissy! Go for a ride!